Announcing New Global Training Course Portfolio

We would like to bring to your attention the new in-house and public training courses available from our international renown ...


Partners & Clients

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Corporate Excellence & Training

Our Training department offers training for mid level staff all the way through to senior management. Even when we don’t have the expertise in-house as we would source an external trainer for that purpose. Prior to sourcing a trainer, we will meet with senior management from your company to discuss your requirements and to address the specifics with regards to how the training session should be conducted.

Depending on your requirements we are able to offer on-the-job training on day-to-day operational matters, in-house training or training retreats whereby staff will be able to engage on a professional yet relaxed environment outside of the office. Our trainers are always sourced individually according to your company’s needs and are tailored to the specific requirements of industry practitioners.

Courses we offer include:

Essentials of Sales

Sales Negotiation Skills Developing a Successful Sales Team

Key Account Management

Managing The Sales Force

Effective Internet Marketing

Essential Marketing Skills

Market Research Training

Advanced Project Management

IT Project Management

IT Service Management

Supply Chain Optimisation

Talent Management and Knowledge Retention

Strategic Pricing

Time Management Training

Business Performance Management

Health and Safety Management for the Oil and Gas Industry

Financial Risk Assessment and Management